The Lost Knight

Purpose: PvE | Level: 20 | Tier: T3 | Author: Piwi2point0
Strength: Increases damage of most melee weapons
Dexterity: Increases damage of all ranged weapons and some melee weapons
Intelligence: Increases damage of magical attacks
Focus: Increases maximum mana and reduces ability cooldown time
Constitution: Increases maximum health

Weapon 1: Steel Straight Sword (T3)
Weapon 2: Steel War Hammer (T3)
Weapon 3: Steel Life Staff (T3)
Flawed Ruby Gem: +2 Strength Attribute Points
Off-hand: Steel Kite Shield (T3)

Knight's Helm (T3)
Knight's Breastplate (T3)
Knight's Gauntlets (T3)
Knight's Greaves (T3)
Knight's Boots (T3)
Flawed Jasper Gem

Build Description:
At Level 20-30 you will find yourself fighting a lot of Lost mobs in order to level, could be possibly for Faction Missions at Weaver's Fen for example. You need Survivability for higher level mobs than yourself. You can tank the damage this way. The Life Staff is meant to save you from spending too many Health pots. Also for traveling speed it is just the way to go with Speed of Light. You could even save the Steel Life Staff in your Inventory and swap from there. So you can use another weapon instead for example a Hatchet.

The Gems are maybe a pain to get at this level, but you can ignore them. The downside is that it holds all the Strength Attribute Points and without it your damage output will be lowered significantly.

The Gear has a Heavy Load, so you can't dodge jump or dodge roll, instead you will be doing a lot of blocking and in some cases use the dodge step. If you can get the Lucky Perk on it this would be great, because you will be needing a Lucky set in order to open rare/legendary items from caches. You can store it later in the storage shed and after you are done with it you can always sell the gear set. The gear set is being crafted and won't bind to your character. Which makes it possible to sell after you out leveled the gear.

The skill rotation is very easy stun skill and then use a regular attack. Dependable on what mob your facing, in general Light Attacks are easy to spam in order to get rid of mobs. After a stun I would say go for a Heavy Attack on the back of the mob for maximum effect.

For Siege this build is sort of tricky, especially if your one of the lower levels on the field. It's hard to dodge which can make you vulnerable so Health management will be required. Make sure you stock up enough Health pots and Food before hand. Keep the Food buff up at all times.

I suggest to get new gear at level 35 with a different skill tree. Which I will add later, to be continued...

P.S. Hammer skill slot was supposed to be on the middle of the bar on "R"-key.