Utility Support

Purpose: PvP | Level: 60 | Tier: T5 | Author: sinrockets
Strength: Increases damage of most melee weapons
Dexterity: Increases damage of all ranged weapons and some melee weapons
Intelligence: Increases damage of magical attacks
Focus: Increases maximum mana and reduces ability cooldown time
Constitution: Increases maximum health

CC/Midrange Support

This class is designed to work around a double glass cannon combination utilizing macro-play in order to completely disorient and control a flow of combat. This player will be your setup on the opponents engage and give your damage carries the ultimate freedom they need to unleash havoc upon however many enemies may stand in the way. Utilizing the bow at mid range for the smoke and rain of arrows, will allow your team to reposition as needed to help disorient the opponents, while this player would utilize the life staff in order to engage into the smoke for the cc chain of hammer. Once he has exhausted his ccs and cooldowns, he can once again reposition using the life staff dash (which should be shared binding with block breaker; for if you go for the block breaker at that point you have opened your damage window and want to maximize your time engaged and putting out massive damage). Upon this disengage he can utilize the support ability of the life staff to keep his allies up, while they self peel to finish whittling down the enemy. With great sustainability this class would also be great for solo content as well as fitting in perfectly as a support style player in group content.